Anushka’s Bhaagamathie Movie Review and Rating


Anushka’s Bhaagamathie Movie Review and Rating

Rating: 3/5
Movie Name: Bhaagamathie
Cast: Anushka Shetty, Unni Mukundan, Jayaram, Asha Sarath, Murali Sharma, Prabhas Sreenu, Dhanraj.
Director: G. Ashok
Release Date: 26 Jan 2018

Here is Bhaagamathie Movie Review and Rating:

Anushka is the heroine of ‘Arundhathi’ in Telugu and earned a great reputation for lady-oriented films like ‘Rudramadevi’. Her new film ‘Bhaagamathie’ is the main character in her role. Her fans have been waiting for her next movie, Bhaagamathie. The movie released on Republic Day, today. Let’s, see how the movie is.

Chenchela (Anushka) is an IAS officer. She is jailed in the case of killing her fiancée. But the minister who once worked as a PAGA wants to get information from the police to prove the corruption. For that reason, she will move from jail to a spacious bungalow in the forest area. There are unexpected developments in the building.What is the story behind the name Bhagamati building? Why did she kill her fiancé so much? The minister was really corrupt, and finally, you have to watch the movie on screen…

Bhaagamathie is also no doubt that Anushka is a special film.Anushka is the main attraction of the film. Anushka is impressed with the screen presentations that she does
not have any chances for her. Her performance is also good. Anushka is very impressive in the scene where Raudram is shown as a part. Malayalam actor Jayaram has come up with a special role in the story. Unni Mukundan played the role of a small but good actress to make his character memorable. Asha Sharath’s performance is also good. Murali Sharma has acted in the role. Dhanaraj and Prabhas Sreenu also gave comic support to the proceedings.

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UV Creations production values are technically strong. Bhaagamathie is a movie rich film. Art director Ravinder has shown his performance as one of the best performances in his career. The beauty of the Bhaagamathie building is amazing. More than half of the story goes on in this building. The art director will not be able to get Montani out of the cinematographer’s performance. Photographer Madhie brought a different look to the movie with the themes of the lighting that had never been seen in horror films. SS Thaman’s background music is also a big plus for the film. Background score in the second half of the interval bang scenes effective. One song in the film is ‘Mandhara Mandhara’. Another technically special feature is the sound design. Director G.Ashok has been seen in a different way compared to the three films he has ever made. Seeking to tell the story with many layers… He tried to tell a different screenplay. But there is no point in the story. To get more interesting scenes. The intention to surprise audiences is okay but it seems to have taken a lot of free hands. The setup of the ‘Bhaagamathie’ should be more interesting. Ashok’s performance as over is okay.

Anushka’s performance.
Production Values.
Cinematography, the visuals are really good.
Back Ground score.

Scenes that look like stretching.
Lack of horror elements.


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