Google Assistant Go App Launched on Play Store

Google Assistant Go App

Google Assistant Go App Launched on Play Store

The tech giant Google has recently launched the Assistant Go App on Play Store to enable an easy surfing to the Android Oreo users. The Google Assistant Go App is similar to the Google Assistant. The features, functionalities and the suitable size for the Android Oreo (Go edition) are yet to be launched by the company. The new Google Assistant Go App takes its place among the existed Files Go, YouTube Go, Google Go and the Maps Go.

The Google Assistant Go App is currently available for the Android users in the Google Play Store. The apps have international languages say English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Japanese and Thai. Hindi is yet to be added to the list of these languages in the app. The Google Assistant has a data-efficient version for all the smartphones with 1GB Ram or less. Recent reports also state that Micromax and Reliance Jio companies are working on a low- specced Andriod Ore (Go edition) smartphone.

The feature along with the existing Google Assistant will work on the supported functionalities by the Google Search app. However, the Go App offers a wider range of services and better functions. But still, the app has few restrictions due to the reduced app size. Keyboard, reminders, controls for the smart home devices, games and services from other companies are not currently found in the Google Assistant Go app. The company is working to add more features to the app.

The Google Assistant Go app has navigated Maps, ask Assistant questions, control phone functions, set alarms and play videos on YouTube or YouTube Go options in it.

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Google Assistant Go App was launched in December 2017 and is working to add additional features to the high-specced smartphones. Chipmakers Qualcomm and MediaTek are working to customise their processors to make them set for the updated Android Oreo, Go Edition. Micromax confirmed its launch for the first Android Ore (Go Edition) smartphone by collaborating with Google — Bharat Go. Reliance Jio is working on the Android Oreo (Go Edition) smartphone launch.


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