Google Removes 7,00,000 Apps From Play Store, Why And How?


Google Removes 7,00,000 Apps From Play Store, Why And How?

The tech giant Google had recently announced that it deleted 7,00,000 apps from the Google Play Store in 2017 and it is yet to be realized by few Android users. It has also confirmed that it banned over 1,00,000 developers. Google had happened to take such great decision as the apps were malicious and had content that was objectionable. These apps which were deleted are also related to porn and the banned developers indulged in unethical practices. There were also apps which were the reason for cyber crime.

Almost after decades, Google had happened to take such decision to save Android users from the updated malicious apps, cyber frauds and viruses.

Well, the company spokesperson wrote in an official blog about how did they happen to do this act. He wrote, “In 2017, we took down more than 7,00,000 apps that violated the Google Play policies, 70 per cent more than the apps taken down in 2016… This was possible through significant improvements in our ability to detect abuse – such as impersonation, inappropriate content, or malware – through new machine learning models and techniques.”

But now the question is that, How did such malicious apps with fraud content happen to enter the Play Store? How did the 7,00,000 bad apps find their place in Google Play Store and how did they manage the screening process before they got listed in the Play Store by Google. So, this says that either Google’s screening process was good for nothing or Google didn’t bother about the app’s content and purpose.

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So, all these days, it was the Android users who were in danger zone without any safety and security for their data. It sounds surprising that Android users almost carried bad apps with no quality in their smartphones. This might be the reason, why experts would always praise the Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and the iPad. Apple has an uncompromising screening process before it lists any app in the Store. It maintains high-standards with stringent security practices regarding the app. So, it is safer for an Apple user.

This is all just because of the Google’s poor standards before it lists an app in its Store. This is why we still find porn apps floating in the Play Store. And cyber crimes happening around the world.

However, Google managed to say that the company can now scan the apps in the Play Store in a more detailed way and keep an eye on the apps with its artificial intelligence and machine learning system.

But the point is that, it would be great if Google would never allow the malicious content and worst apps into its Play Store and play a safer game just like Apple App Store does!


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