Nissan Develops Self-Parking Slippers

Nissan Develops

Nissan Develops Self-Parking Slippers

The popular multinational auto manufacturer Nissan is taking its baby steps on improving self- parking slippers. The company had taken its inspiration from the automated vehicle smarts and applied it to the slippers for their self-parking. Nissan is working on the ProPilot technology in which the slippers can self-drive them for parking when they are not in use.

The slippers are fitted with two wheels and hi-tech detectors where the slippers can be guided to park themselves with a camera sensor. When the slippers are not in use, they can be made to park themselves with a single click of a button.

The automated technology is being applied in a traditional Japanese hotel named ProPILOT Park Ryokan. At the Ryokan, you will find tables, cushions, slippers working with the ProPilot tech. The cushions, slippers as well tables will park themselves with a single click by the guests. Even, a TV remote knows how to park itself on the table, if it is not in use. If they are not using them, they can press a wall-mounted button and make the things return to their particular storage spots.

The company got inspired by its ProPilot Self-Parking System used in its Leaf car range. Since this automated technology worked well with cars while they can be parked themselves, Nissan applied the same technology to its things.

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