Google Adds Delhi Metro Map In Google Maps

Google Adds Delhi Metro Map In Google Maps

Google Adds Delhi Metro Map In Google Maps

The Tech giant Google has recently updated an interesting feature for the Indian consumer base in its Maps.

According to the reports, Beebom Google Maps had acquired some new content in the form of a Delhi Metro Map to update in the Google Maps and be a part of it. This update can be seen in Google Maps as “New Content” label in the options.

The Google Maps seems it is still working to give a friendly map which is not much interactive currently. However, users can just zoom in and zoom out to check the station’s names clearly. The Delhi Metro station lines can be seen in a better way while user zooms the map.

The Delhi Metro map shows the Metro lines in color that is assigned by the Delhi Metro Rail
Corporation, adds the report. We can find Red, Violet, Magenta Yellow, etc. colored lines on the Map. Interestingly, the user can also see the stations which are under construction. These under progress stations are seen with a dotted line instead of a solid lines like it shows for the running stations.

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