RGV Film GST shooted In Hyderabad?


RGV Film GST shooted In Hyderabad?

 Varma latest flick is kept claiming he filmed ‘God, Sex and Truth’ in an European City as Indian Rules and Laws willn’t be applicable. However, A Women Activist Film the Filmmaker had actually shot the Porn Film in a Star Hotel in Hyderabad. She even claims to be having proofs in the form of photographs to prove the allegations. ‘Mia Malkova landed in Hyderabad and spend some days for the shoot of ‘GST’ alleges the Activist.

Varma Having the Close Friends in Telugu Film Industry were spotted in ‘GST’ Working Stills which is viral on Social Media. Now, These leaks gonna complicate things.

Already CCS DCP informed RGV can’t escape punishment even if he shoots ‘GST’ in a foreign country as Indian Laws will be applicable for all citizens in the country. He confirms that creation of porn film in India is a punishable to ram gopal varma.

RGV Not Escape to run away From This Situvation. He is gonna take complete responsibility when it comes to ‘GST’. Wherever I might be, prison or anywhere I try to make it wonderful, says the Filmmaker.

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