Interesting Tips: For Samsung Galaxy Users

Interesting Tips: For Samsung Galaxy Users

Interesting Tips: For Samsung Galaxy Users

Samsung Galaxy phones are known for their unique features which are not found in most of the Android phones, infact iPhones too. There are several unique features which we found interesting and we feel that every Samsung Galaxy phone user must know those interesting tips to make use of their smartphone more efficiently. Here are the tips which you would love to experience with Galaxy phones.

You can change the navigation keys order                                                                    Android phones come with by default features or navigation keys say Recent, Home and Back at the bottom of the screen. However, you can change this order and use it as you wish to.
To change the order of navigation keys, go to Settings and click on the Display. Then you will come across Navigation bar. Then, you can arrange a new background color for the bar and change the order of the Recent, Home, and Back options appear.
Also, from the same menu, you can also add new options to the navigation bar to make unseen from its display. This increases the storage display for your apps on the screen. If you enable the hide option, it will go on to the left of the bar. Well, you can hide it by tapping twice on it and then drag it up or restore it from the bottom of the display.

You can create GIFs from YouTube videos
GIFs are the most trending one now. Samsung Galaxy phones will let you create unique GIFs from any YouTube videos. There is no requirement for third-party add-ons. But, you need to an app called Smart Select which is available in most of recent (from 2017) Galaxy phones.

To create GIFs, open YouTube video in the app and then swipe in from the right. Then tap the S Pen icon which is visible on the right side of the screen. Later select Smart select which shows Animation option. You can arrange the capture box on the screen, then start streaming the videos and tap Record to capture the clip which you want to make a GIF. Once you are done, just press the Save button to store it in your Gallery app. You can then share this GIF with others on other apps.

You can set customized reminders
Well, Reminders are common but Samsung phones have some extra tricks in their reminders app.

Using Reminder app, you can turn any website into a reminder. For this, open Samsung’s own browser, then tap the menu button which is shown on the top right. Next select Share which then directs to Reminder. You can also set a reminder about text messages too. To set this, open Messages, then hold on the thread which you want to save and then choose Message options and Send to Reminder. This will automatically create reminders for you on your phone.

You can check these reminders on your phone Reminder app. You can also Edit them by opening them in the Reminder app.

You can modify the split-screen view
This is available in most of the smartphones. Today’s smartphones are allowing you to split the screen into two halves which makes you view two or more apps simultaneously. But, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 has added something more to this. You can pin part of an app in the split screen mode. Say you can watch a video and use your WhatsApp at a time, while you can also select map.
For this, you need to tap on the Recent option which is in the navigation bar, then select the app which you want to pin and select its Snap Window option. Then a blue box will appear on the screen. You can even position it as you want. When you set the portion of the app, tap Done to use it in a Split mode. Later, use another app by selecting it. When you are done, you can exit the split screen view by touching the divider line between the apps. Drag the app to the top of the screen to exit it.
You can Personalize audio experience
Samsung has a wonderful audio quality which you can personalize according to your tastes. Once you start to find the ideal mix, Galaxy phone will show your choices on the screen. You can place those settings in place for calls, music, movie and etc..
To use this, go to the Settings and select tap Sounds and Vibration which then guides you to Sound quality and effects. After selecting, you will come across few equalizer options which you can plan. You can also adjust the balance between bass and treble.
You can also make changes according to your taste. If you are not satisfied with the sound technicality, you can go to Adapt Sound and then select Personalize sound. This will make your phone to go through some configuration wizard which will let you listen to some sample sound configurations. You can select if you like. Once you are done with the selection process, go back and reconfigure the sound after you’ve selected it. You need to turn on the feature if it’s off.

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You can hide apps and files
You can secure your files or apps with Secure Folder app which is available on Samsung Galaxy phones. This is digitally safe for your data on the phone. You can easily hide files and apps by setting a password or even fingerprint.

To secure your apps or files, open Secure Folder app and set up security lock. You can add apps and files which you want to secure by pressing the Add apps or Add files options which are Secured in the Folders.
You can also secure Camera and Calendar apps data which will then not be visible to any others. All the data, photos and reminders, appointments in the phone will not be displayed in the regular apps. You can also have the duplicate networking apps like Facebook to secure them more.
You can pay with your phone mostly
Samsung pay will work with Near Field Communication (NFC). You can swipe your credit cards to pay. Samsung Pay is compatible with the old magnetic-stripe terminals. So, most of them support Samsung Pay than Google or Apple does.
Well, to add your financial accounts to the Samsung Pay, open the app. Press Start and follow the screen instructions to add your credit or debit card details to your account. You can also create a password and protect your Samsung account.

You can add notes to the lock screen
You can take notes on the lock screen without unlocking it. The Galaxy Note 8 phablet will allow you to scribble on your phone. But, these won’t work on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones.

To use this, enable this in your phablet. Open Settings and press on the Advanced features and then press S Pen. remember to switch on the Screen off memo toggle on your phablet.

You can scribe on your phablet’s screen whenever you want to. When you add anything, Samsung Notes will automatically save them.


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