How To Use Two Facebook Apps On One Smart Phone?

How To Use Two Facebook Apps On One Smart Phone?

How To Use Two Facebook Apps On One Smart Phone?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform to be updated with the smart world. Most of us use a single Facebook account which is even suggested by Facebook. And the fact is that ‘One real name, one account’ is the real aim of Facebook. But for some reasons, if you have two Facebook accounts and what if you really want to use both Facebook App on your Android phone? Is that possible?

YES! It is. Facebook itself made a possible way to make users use two Facebook accounts. Facebook actually offers two Facebook offers and it is not the Messenger app we are talking about.

If you want to use two Facebook accounts at a time, there are two apps which you need to install on your phone. The experience of using two different FB accounts through two different Facebook apps differs. These apps don’t create any confusion just like the Twitter does. In Twitter, you get confused with two Twitter accounts as you use them from one single Twitter app. So, here, with two Facebook Apps, you can avoid single app-multiple accounts confusion.

To start using two Facebook accounts read the step-by-step guide:

• Install official Facebook App. You can use your Primary Facebook through this app.
• Now, install the Facebook Lite App from Play Store. Facebook Lite was launched by the
company in 2015. It even lessens the data consumption. You can use the second Facebook account through the Facebook Lite app.
• But, Facebook Lite doesn’t give you the rich experience as the official Facebook App. It is lighter, consumes less data, works better on 2G net connectivity and however you can use two accounts with these two Facebook Apps.

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