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Now You Can Try Playing Instant Games Without Installing Them

Most of us really dream to play a game first without downloading it, right. If your answer yes, then here is a good news for you all. Google has now launched Google Play Instant games which allow users to first play games and then download them.

After launching the Instant apps, Google has launched the Google Play Instant Games to make its users first play and then install them if they really love.

With Google’s Instant Play, users can just tap on a game and play it and then install the game from Play Store.

Clash Royale, Words with Friends, Solitaire, Mightly Battles are few of the games which can be played without installing them. However, you can’t play the entire game but a smaller version of it with Instant gameplay.

In 2016, Google has launched Instant apps and allowed users to use an app first and then download.

Google is currently working to provide users with smartphone experience who can’t afford to buy a costly smartphone. The tech giant has already launched Android Go OS to give an entry-level smartphone experience to users. It has also launched the lightweight Google assistant to work on the Android Go OS. So, this entry-level phone also has Go apps which consume less space and less data. The Google voice assistant will help its users with whatever they ask. There are still several apps which are lined up to join the Android Go and make a smart way.

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