How To Download A Copy Of Your Data Gathered By Facebook?


How To Download A Copy Of Your Data Gathered By Facebook?

The social media giant Facebook has been facing a legal mess from different governments across the globe. The different governments had already announced a ban and are also seeking an explanations regarding FB sharing users’ personal data to a UK-based consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica. The company CEO Mark Zuckerberg had also given a confirmation in a public post about the company sharing users’ information illegally.

So, now all your calls, SMS records will be put together and the company would keep a track of them. But, here is a chance to know what all data of yours’ is being tracked by FB by downloading a .zip file from Facebook.

Follow these simple steps to download the .zip file from FB:
1. Open your browser from your desktop and visit the page:

2. The link will automatically lead to your account setting page. When you click on the General Account Settings option on the page, you’ll find ‘Download a copy’ link.

3. Once you click on the ‘Download a copy’, you will then see a ‘Download your information’ page with an option to click on ‘Download Archive’.

4. When you click on that, it asks your password. Once you enter your password, you will see a prompt saying that Facebook will notify you once the data copy is ready for you.

5. Once the data is all set, you can click on the notification and download the .zip file on the desktop.

6. When the .zip file is ready, you need to extract the files and click on ‘HTML’ followed by

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7.Then you can scroll below and check what all the information has been traced by FB like your call and SMS data over the years.

You can also see who and what all the advertisers are using your Facebook contact information. You will find this under the ‘Ads’ option.

However, Facebook also confirmed that before it gathers users’ information, it seeks the permissions of users’ to gather the data.


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