5 Tips To Clean Your Computer

5 Tips To Clean Your Computer

5 Tips To Clean Your Computer

We always love to stay hygiene and of course, the things and surroundings around us too. We clean our house daily, we service our car annually and so on there is a need for us to keep our computer clean to stay speedy and responsive all the time. Here are the tips to make your computer speedy and responsive by giving it a spring clean.

Remove older apps
You can remove the older apps which are just sitting idle on your computer and taking the precious storage space. The unused apps can be uninstalled so that your computer will work faster and even your PC won’t become a target for hackers or other data-mining companies. So, remove all the older apps to improve your computer’s speed.

To uninstall apps on Windows, go to Start menu, then go to the Settings screen and then click on System followed by Apps & features. You can just remove the app which you do not want by clicking on it. On macOS, go to Launchpad, click and hold on any app and just click on the delete option to remove it. Few apps may ask you to launch an uninstall utility. For this, open Finder, navigate to the Applications folder and click on the uninstall program.

Clear digital clutter                                                                                                Modern-day computers are creating temporary files or applications, even junk files gather to create a mess over your PC. However, you can’t stop this automatic process of creating files or applications but you can remove them and clear all the digital clutter in your system. For this, you can get CCleaner as a third-party program will help you in this task. For both Windows and macOS, you can use CCleaner to clear the clutter. For Windows, we also suggest System Mechanic and for macOS, CleanMyMac are the good
options to delete the mess in your system. If you do not want to use any third-party applications to clean your system, you can delete old documents, spreadsheets, photos in your system by sitting and spending an hour with PC.

Clean your browser
We keep using our browsers and cache automatically gets stored in the system. If you want to delete and clean your browsers, you can go to the Settings in the browser and clear all the browsing data. This will clear chaced files, browsing history, plug-in-data and many more.

Each browser has different ways to clean them. However, CCleaner can also help you in cleaning the garbage in your browser.

Also, remove unused browser extensions by opening browser’s extensions or plug-ins page and even remove any add-ons which you do not want.
Organize your system
This is the best way to keep a track of your data and other important files easily. If you are able to organize neatly, you need not worry about hard drive space.

Just sort all the files into folders and it will be easy for you to check them when you go back. Don’t put a lot of shortcuts on your desktop as it eats away your time when you search for something. So, clear all unused shortcuts and give space for those which you really want to be on your desktop.

Cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and iCloud are allowing users to store files on the web which is an easier task than storing on the system. This will clear up the hard disk space and lightens your computer’s storage space.

Physically clean up your computer                                                                            Finally, this is more important one. When you are really using something, it’s your minimum responsibility to clean it neatly. So, clean your system physically and make it look shiny and fresh all time. Clean the keyboard, mouse and other peripherals which you are using.

Just make sure you grab a can of compressed air which can clean the dirt off of the keyboard and ports with a single blow. Then use a microfiber cloth to clean your machine inside and outside. You can use cotton swabs for cleaning the keyboard from nooks.


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