“Chatwatch” Will Let Your WhatsApp Contacts Spy On You


“Chatwatch” Will Let Your WhatsApp Contacts Spy On You

It was Facebook which revealed its spy nature on all of us and now it seems like WhatsApp is also not that safe now. Though WhatsApp has promised us with its end-to-end encryption for chats, it is now letting other users spy on our WhatsApp activities.

A new app called ‘Chatwatch’, spotted by Lifehacker will now let others know our WhatsApp public online/offline status feature. It will tell others about how often do we check our WhatsApp and how late we go to bed each day.

Chatwatch will also let users monitor over two users’ Whatsapp activities and analyze the data of two users on WhatsApp. It can even make a connection between two contacts and guess if they’ve been talking to each other or not.

How to use Chatwatch, you need to subscribe to its plan. Once you install it, you can enter any mobile on Chatwatch to check the log-in and log-out time and also the online history timeline of users.

For now, it is available on Android as ‘ChatW’ for free. The subscription plan starts at Rs 140 with which you can view up to 2 numbers every week and the highest is Rs 1,300 which will allow you to view up to 10 numbers on a monthly basis. The app was previously available on iOS too. But now, it is pulled off from the App Store.


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