How To Uninstall Fake WhatsApp Version App- WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus

How To Uninstall Fake WhatsApp Version App- WhatsApp Plus?

We all know that WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app has become a part of our daily routine. Due to its huge usage and popularity, cybercriminals have created a fake version of WhatsApp where the app can fetch crucial information, photos, phone numbers from the user’s mobile phone. An American Internet security company, Malwarebytes Labs have stated that a fake WhatsApp app is being circulated on the web which will hack several smartphones in coming days. This malicious app is a variant of Android/PUP.Riskware. Wtaspin.GB, which dates back to mid-2017.

The Fake WhatsApp Plus                                                                                                  The fake app which is being circulated to affect smartphones has got a golden colour logo in the middle instead of the green WhatsApp logo which we are already aware of. Users can also see a URL written in the middle of the gold coloured logo. When you install the app from the Google Play Store, it asks you to click on ‘Agree and Continue’. This will then prompt you to download the latest version of the app. Once the download is done, it directs you to an unsafe website where you can see text in Arabic. Immediately, an app with a weird sounding name – ‘Watts Plus Plus WhatsApp’ will be downloaded from the website.
According to the Malwarebytes Labs, the fake WhatsApp plus will find and store all the important information, contact details and photos from the users’ mobile phones. However, the app says that it is encrypted.
Also, you can use four numbers on the same phone without any issue through this WhatsApp plus app.

How does WhatsApp Plus Work?
Well, this malicious app has got interesting features which will make you go bonkers for it. Using this app, you can hide typing a message, received texts and reading texts. You can even hide the notification if you have played a voice clip. Users can also send around 100 photos at once to their friends.

However, this WhatsApp Plus is really unsafe and if you are using it on your Android phone, you need to immediately uninstall it.
1. Go to the phone’s Settings
2. You will see ‘Apps & Notifications’ which you need to tap
3. You will get the list of apps
4. Select the WhatsApp Plus and tap Uninstall
5. Then click on Confirm to get rid of the app


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