WhatsApp Android Beta Gets New Feature: Lock Voice Message Recording

WhatsApp Android Beta

WhatsApp Android Beta Gets New Feature: Lock Voice Message Recording

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is coming up with unique features day-by-day and making our communication easier. There are users who like to send a lot of voice messages using WhatsApp. Now the Android beta app has brought something interesting to such users. The Android beta app will now let users lock voice message recording. So to send a voice message, there will be no need of holding the mic button continuously till the message gets recorded. However, the feature is already out for iOS users.

How does WhatsApp lock voice message recording option works?
WhatsApp hold/lock voice message feature will now allow users to send voice messages without holding the mic option continuously. Users can eventually lock the voice message recording after clicking on the mic option which is witnessed in the text box. Users need to swipe up till the lock symbol is shown on the screen and once the lock symbol appears, it will record the voice message automatically without holding the mic button. This means the voice recording has been locked and it will continue recording the message until the recording is done. If users do not want to share the recorded voice message after recording it, they can press Cancel option or even sent it by pressing the green arrow which is seen next to
Now, users can take a break by just locking the voice message until it gets recorded and later send it with one click. This new feature will definitely make things easier.

Well, currently the new feature is seen in the Android beta version as well the iOS version, say reports.

Users can sing up for the beta tester program by going to the WhatsApp page on the Google Store. You can just click on the signing up to be a beta tester option and you will be then enrolled in the beta program. If you no longer want to be on the list of the beta tester, you can leave the Android beta program through the exit options available in the app.


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