Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere: WHO

Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere: WHO

World Health Day! All over the world, people do celebrate World Health Day on April 7 to state the importance of health. This day is celebrated across the world to create awareness on health and fitness.
The World Health Organisation started celebrating World Health Day since 1950 as to mark the founding of WHO and to draw attention to a global health topic every year. Ofcourse, these days people are being educated enough regarding the health and fitness and are mostly focusing on them.
On April 7, many local, regional and international events related to the health are organized by the WHO while its eight official global health campaigns are held. Officials of WHO global health campaigns select a theme and create awareness on it by conducting campaigns and other programs. They even include past themes say Healthy heart beat, Healthy blood pressure, Vector-borne diseases: small bite, big threat, Good safety and Halt the rise: Beat diabetes and conduct some programs and campaigns to let people know about them. For this 2018m WHO has selected Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere
as its theme.
This theme is basically related to the quality of health services which are given to the people for their fitness. It is important for each individual to stay fit and increase their overall standard of healthy living.

This will give a break for stress levels which we are facing in our day-to-day lives. So, to undergo stress-less living and healthy lifestyle, one to do workouts, yoga etc. to stay fit and happy.

‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’ theme ensures a happy and healthy lifestyle with the below simple tasks that can be done by all of us.
• Getting enough sleep
• Eating fresh food
• Regular medical checkups
• Drinking plenty of water
• Walking for a while
• Doing yoga, meditation every day
• Daily workouts
These simple tasks will definitely make your day perfect with overall activeness.


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