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Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon

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The restaurant goes all out around the holidays, which feel extra homey in the rustic dining room.

A lesser-known fun fact: Only in Oregon. The views here are so beyond breathtaking they feel otherworldly.

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Bring a camera; you may see bald eagles and gray whales. Take a Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon tour of this farmer-owned, dairy co-op and save room for a snack, or two. This historic lighthouse has roots back to Learn more about the region at the visitor center or by chatting with the rangers, and expect to see wildlife, from harbor seals, seabirds in the warmer months and Fortt gray whales.

This warm, hilly beach is embraced by water on two sides: These are mega-dunes, covering nearly 40 miles, some stretching as high as feet above the ocean. In fact, this area is the biggest dune region in Oregob America.

This means plenty of hiking, ATV riding and fun. The sand dunes are our favorite place to camp along the coast.

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Downtown, you can find top-notch art at the museum, and in the summer, enjoy the Oregon Coast Music Festival. Take pictures by the dramatic fountains. Now for the small-town charm.

Bandon, at oFrt mouth of the Coquille River, is the perfect town to slowly explore. Stroll the boardwalk, indulge in fresh seafood or take it to go for a picnic on the sand and spend as much time as possible on these gorgeous beaches, dotted by oversized rocks.

Old town Bandon, with a variety of gift shops, is a great place to pick up your Oregon coast road trip souvenir. History buffs will appreciate this region for the historic battle that occurred here between American Indians Shakiing settlers.

Remember, the sky's the limit. If you're a little girl in Ashland, and if you want to try your hand at junior cheerleading, you can grow up to shake your butt for the astronauts.

And if you don't want to shake it for the youth-football crowd, the cheerleader coach will kick your unshaking butt right off the squad.

Because the "shake your booty" cheer is a real "crowd-pleaser. And note that the NBC version of the video package originally shot Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon Omaha's WOWT television artfully cuts away before the little girls shake their butts at the camera. Buttt

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The local Channel 6 story is here. The cheer calls upon Faylene and younger members of the squad — including some in the second grade — to turn their backs to the bleachers, bend over, and move their pelvises from side to side.

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The cheer had been used in the past, but Faylene says never liked doing it and told the coach so. Faylene, the oldest and most senior of the junior cheerleaders, refused to do the cheer and was sent home.

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Butt Shaking Fort rock Oregon Later, her father was informed by the coach during a phone call that Faylene was being benched for the last two games for disrespecting the coach. She added that no one had complained about the cheer before, and that explaining the controversy, and her decision to bench Faylene for the remainder of the season, was difficult.

BUT NOT as "difficult" Orfgon just not having little girls shake their butts at adults in the stands of an elementary-school football game. People dance; little kids dance. It's cute when they do.