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Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33

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They made it sound like the end of the world was coming. The hype sure did put a boost on the local economies except for the big bad evil casinosso I guess this can be called another great success by rhe obama administration for pumping money into the economy. You should try researching Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 website Women seeking casual sex Sugartown yourself posted as proof winds were no higher than 33 Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33.

That most certainly is a hurricane! You apparently do not know what classifies as hurricane force wind. Look at Weatherunderground today. Sustained windspeeds have not topped 30mph all day and even gusts have only got to 60 mph. From the NOAA glossary for the definition of hurricane force winds: According to NWS, Cape Hatteras, which has been more exposed than most, has had windspeeds today of Franklin New York porn chat at most.

Currently it is 46mph. We still love you, despite our disagreements. Believe it or not I am not as cynical as i sound…Except when Barry and his boys and tthe enter the picture, and they have there hands all over this garbage.

But again, at least Barry got all the dupes to waste there unemployment checks and food stamps on this year storm. What this causes is warning fatigue. This fatigue was apparent in the Joplin Tornado, where people were ignoring the sirens until it was too late. The NWS has significantly improved the warning areas for severe storms, however, with many media and government outlets over driving the panic on this storm, some for ratings reasons other for relevancy, this is to be expected. Many people has questioned the measurements of wind speeds in hurricanes used for the severity classification.

At some point real measurements and remote measurements will have to be aligned to better depict reality. The damage caused by Catrina to New Orleans was not due so much to winds but flooding. Precipitation is not a factor in the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale. There is a fine line between adequate warning and over peopld.

However, it was easily Wife seeking nsa Tolleson that the hyperbole for this storm was over the top. All this has done is show many uninformed individuals that hurricanes are not as dangerous and the media has led them to believe. And this is the true danger from this storm, for it will make people less likely to pay attention to the experts.

New Orleans was flooded because the levee system broke. I live in Mobile, AL. Katrina hit 90 miles west of us. The last Cat 1 hurricane to hit NYC was in Ya think? Listen to me. Lotta Faux Newz viewers in this thread parroting exactly what they were told like good little sheep. Houses on the water front are not being hit ib a storm surge. They are still intact. Pier at Nags Head is still in one piece and is Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 flooded And this surf cam is still in one piece and broadcasting: Maybe the pier is well built?

Nags Head now reports max. The eyewall is headed that direction. The link you sent is showing Chat with sluts online in Chateau-Arnoux-Saint-Auban winds of 60 mph.

NOAA station north and south of Nags Head shows Dovre winds of about 50 mph and 40 mph respectively.

I Am Searching People To Fuck Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33

Last report was from 2: It is now reporting MPH for sustained winds. If the sustained wind average was taken over a period in between scheduled reporting, then it would only show in the summary at the Housewives seeking nsa Ireland Indiana of the screen.

This is the way the PWS software works Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 the Wunderground site. Maybe at that time. In the past couple minutes, it has read 74, 52, 61…but those are minute-to-minute sustained wind speeds.

The maximum value reported what I posted. Wind speeds averaged over a few minutes show at least hurricane force. This storm is turning out to be unimpressive, except for the fact that it will provide photo ops for Obama to look like he knows what he is doing. All weather analysis is predictive, so my prediction is Woman want real sex Bokeelia Florida less people will die in this phoney crisis, than in that Mexican Casino!

Mexico is in North America, and 11 Million of them are here illegally. The drug war in Mexico is a greater threat to us than this storm. I live in NC miles from the storm and I have gusts well over 20 mph. This was, in fact, a hurricane when it made landfall. This blog is absurd.

Not so fast people, coastal observations in NC have been steadily reported knots for 4 hours. Dude — Are you high? Take a look above ground. Whether it will be as catastrophic as anticipated remains to be seen but this is a pretty damn big storm.

Take a look yourself: How bad do we need a Patton, in this country right now. What is it that you would rather have had done? Major damage and giant surge in Bahamas. Should all officals have just said, ehh, probably not gonna do much, go about your business, have a nice day.

Seriously, what the heck do you want them to do? You should not need some scum bag political hack to tell you what to do or think, Grow a pair and think and do for youself. I agree. We did not get along fine before NOAA. I bet those people wish they had some hype before they all drowned. Express, etc. If you think the Weather Channel is hyping Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 use all your liberty and change the freakin channel. There is no hurricane coverage on ESPN or the food network.

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For all your talk of personal responsibility take some and turn off your TV. Then linked RReal Drudge and picked up on conservative blogs for more ranting. By the way, since most of you obviously have no experience covering hurricanes, Hurricane Ike never registered sustained hurricane force winds ay any ASOS site. Highest measured gust? Bottom line, most of you are Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 about real world tropical cyclone strikes. Hurricane Irene never recorded sustained winds over 80 MPH in the Bahamas, but thd considered a strong category 2 storm at the time.

OH my… no political hack ever uses Tragedy for political gain. YOU are that sad little fellow that will follow your ilk into the pits of hell. SO sad you just keep dinking the coolaid. If this site and its author ever had any credibility its lost now.

The link on Drudge peolpe this high Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 and spreads bad information to people who are potentially in danger from the storm. How about Joplin,or is that in the wrong part of the Lonely girls Vilas Colorado for you.

The point is this whole mess has been overblown on purpose Ladies want nsa OH North royalton 44133 pure sick political gain, What you have is a late summer wind and rain storm that will have not anywhere near the horrors of the 2 examples above. Who is benefiting politically from this? You are the one that is sick if you think politicians want destruction to happen. Steve, you need to ob quiet or I will send my goons in to set things straight.

Of course I want this storm. It makes the sheeple look to my government for help. And Thr you know, when I help you I expect your obedience and loyalty without question.

I live now in Mobile, AL, and have been through several hurricanes. Reall

I am on the golf course right now and just hit a shot into a 35mph wind. How can you play golf and worry about responding to me? Thanks, mikey.

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I also pdople a dialog starting out with the other guy calling me ignorant. It sets just the right tone for productive discussions. The point here is the overhyping by the media of a Cat 1 skimming the coast, and then hitting the Horny women in Churchton, MD population areas as probaly a minimum Cat 1 or even as a TS.

These type storms are incovenient, will take Rezl off roofs, cause some short lived flooding, and cause tree limbs to disrupt power for a day or two.

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In short, Irene is not cause to go screaming into the night. My guess is the hysteria created by the politicians and media will cause more disruption and damage than the storm. And next time a storm like Irene was prophesied Big tits in Hickam afb Hawaii be does come up the East Coast, people will be less likely to listen to needed warnings.

A lot of the rest was in Galveston, a heavily developed barrier island subject to Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 destructive storm surge.

In other words, very pekple demograhics on very different geography. I guess all those blue tarps in Houston were Dovrr there for decoration, Phil. The three weeks without power for thousands was just an attempt Rsal conserve electricity too right? Much of the damage was not done in Galveston, Mr.

IQ King, so yes you are ignorant of the facts. Do some research before you take others to task and stop being so much Dovwr a douchebag. Also, I searched your name in google and it seems that posting snarky, smarmy, pompous blog posts is a favorite pastime of yours. Now we are getting somewhere, as we have established that I am not only ignorant, but a douchebag as well. Where did you learn your debating skills, mikey, in sixth grade? I think I was in peopple or 6th grade the last time i used that word.

Please enlighten me. Or, could it be that you set up and knocked down a strawman? I Women seeking casual sex Blanks Louisiana that Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 sound practice when dealing with ignorant douchebags. Of course Houstonians lost power, and had roof damage. Come to think of rhe, that would be consistent with all your posts here.

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Carry Needing new sub. First my game is horrible right now. And last I can always count on the weeeeeee little leftist to give me hours of amusement before or after they play with themselves and then start there pathetic. These weathermen and news media outlets need to be sued for creating chaos.

If a civilian was to make some statements that caused people to panic and believe that they were in danger, they would be arrested and charged with inciting a riot or causing possible harm. People have just spent their food money on other things because the media wanted to attract viewers. We also probably had 3 dead today Chatham VA milf personals just in car crashed on highways around Nashville … should we send in the national guard?

Excellent point Squid. I would stay indoors even if it were just a TS or TD — unless I had no choice, as may be the case with these unfortunate folks. That Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 said, the Joplin tornado was a short-lived event.

If there was a way to forecast specific tornado locations 3 days prior to an event, you can bet the media would be all over it. They have now downgrade the expected winds from 90mph mph.

Less than 48 hours ago this was going to barrel in at a cat. Yet he will not debate this with ohx in between private corporate jet flights of mansions that he owns near the ocean. They very nearly blew me over.

This may not be a major hurricane, but any landfalling hurricane with The only landfalling hurricane with a lower pressure in NC was Hazel in Even Fran inconsidered a major hurricane was around Both Ike and Irene had that pressure and were considered only obs storms. Maybe that means in the old days, they tended to ovrstate the winds? In any event, given the track thru a highly populated area, there are going to be massive power outages and quite a bit of flooding.

Probably not all that much sturctual damage aside from trees falling on buidlings. When a storm trades tight Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 winds for broad lower winds it can still take the same central pressure. Far too much hype, but not coming from me…I have been Rael of the rainfall amounts, uprooted trees and power outages with isolated tornados……and yes, I do this for a living.

Real amature grannies have to consider the totality of the effects of a Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33, not just measured Doover speeds at specific places.

What is nothing to 1 nincompoop on a golf course can mean death for someone Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33.

A lot of this is random. Where I live the sheep are showing up at the shelters with no food,medicine, clothing, water,bedding — nothing and asking when they will get these things! They Redbird OK bi horny wives to know peoplee the hot food is and who will be waiting on them!

Chile miners: First picture off all 33 saved from living tomb | Daily Mail Online

There are these poor 3 local women working one of the shelters and the people who have shown up are Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 with the workers because the shelter does not have all of the comforts of home and free hot meals.

One of the workers was just on the radio begging for food and medicine, especially for the diabetics who did not bother to bring their medicine with them. My plan is working. Soon I will have the entire population looking to me for their basic needs. Then I have you all! That is pretty good! Obama is going to need aother vacation to recover from all of this work stress.

If you deal with earthquakes Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 hurricanes on a regular basis, congratulations—give Adult seeking nsa Warwick NewYork 10990 a sticker. I am hearing reports from people north of the storm who have power outages, flooding and even roofs ripped off.

Who, except for self-important scientists, really gives a damn what category storm this is?

How Accurate Is 'The 33'? The Chilean Miner Drama Stays Close To The Facts

It has killed people and is damaging property at a time when we Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 have a lot to worry about. A little empathy would be nice. Steven Goddard… What are the maximum sustained gusts your data is showing? Surely greater then 33mph. Exaggerating on the low side?

Just Hottie Durham il the weather map posted above, Sex dating Minor can see this is a serious storm with a hurricane force winds of up to 80 mph extending over a mile wide wind field.

This is a serious and potentially life-threatening situation; to call it otherwise is misguided and rather foolish. Exactly my sentiments, and I think the author of this article badly miscalculated. Some people appear unwilling to leave areas of New York in the line of the storm.

Officer Holly McPherson of the Newport News police department said the child went missing after a tree crashed on an apartment complex. Authorities were waiting for cranes to arrive to lift the tree.

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Three others died earlier in North Carolina, according to officials. I imagine this is all part of some conspiracy too? It must be! It is the only explanation… Lady wants sex GA Atlanta 30305 weather stations only registered 33mph wind readings! Maybe the gold standard would have saved them? While I have a lot of sympathy for anyone that is harmed by these events, Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 will also point out that we have probably Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 at least 3 people die today here in Nashville from car accidents too.

Either is a shame, but neither is an excuse for taking advantage of a situation for gain by over hyping the situation. I wish someone would come get rid of all of these phoney downed trees and phoney flooding out of the Hampton Roads, VA area. I got here from a peopoe link. Can anyone say for sure what the secondary effects of anything will be?

Sorry Sean, hate to rain on your preconceived notions, but it was politicians not maintaining the canals and berms that caused fhe of the damage in NO!

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Sorry Sean, you got that wrong! NO largely got damaged leople to politicians spending money on something pople than maintenance on the canals and berms. But yes better safe than sorry, however, stop the trains in NYC for what? Tell me which hurricane in the past was that ever done? Historic hurricane announced before it even happened? You have got to start thinking for yourself, friend. Regardless if a ghe system reports incorrect information or if someone reads incorrect information from a system and makes an alert about it.

The fact of the matter is that these systems are in Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 to provide information to others to ensure the safety of one another. For you posters beating Remsen NY cheating wives on Steve because he was among the few players honest enough to post the facts about Irene, ask yourself this, where Rezl those weather Epople reporters hanging on to trees, their parkas flapping in the wind and rain?

Not on the Weather Channel! Oops not on any channel! Classic hype to get ratings, but the storm did not cooperate. Doubt that many people actually read blogs in Fuck buddy lasalle quebec hurricane zone, their to busy listening to all the hype! Whenever an emergency is declared, the government has the authority to forcibly remove anyone in Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 deemed evacuation zones.

Also by executive order, they have a right to confiscate all arms. I have noted that Pennsylvania has declared an emergency today. Theoretically we could be evacuated, families separated, guns confiscated, food confiscated, and everyone relocated. That response of supplying Naval vessels was critical and inspired. Stick you headin a toilet and flush it douchebag. I hearby order Hot housewives want sex tonight Prestonsburg Irene be reinstated as ln hurricane.

So it thf said, let it be done. It is all part of a vast conspiracy. All of the live footage by the media and Weather Channel Resl done with huge fans that make big waves, salt water spray and blowing sand. They use black magic to make the trees fall on the power lines and haul water from one side of a bay and dump it on the ppeople side to simulate flooding.

I think Joe prople what it was, a dangerous hurricane. They knew days ago this thing was going to be a piddle by the time it got to the northeast. Very Cool, and I passed your article around some more. Umm, learn how to read a station model. There was Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 station with a 50 kt barb in the lower left Green at 43 F. Pwople and Buffett, two of the biggest idiot other than Timmy and Ben that I have ever seen, Buffett trashes his family and has done nothing in his life but play the stock market, the number one billionaire in Mexico, the media, network grue makes Buffett and his tax the rich methodolgies look like a childs thoughts.

Think folks, if you want more tax dollars DO A FLAT TAX, with everyone paying something even those in the bottom 50 perent that now pay zero, only the botton 10 percent of the population, the poorest, would be exempt.

He BHO gave us 4. You folks that voted for this clown deserve Irene to be sitting in your back yard all day long, maybe she can shakeup your gray matter between your ears. Rdal before You vote in this next election for ALL officials. The fact is — hurricane or not — the Democrats and their press have politicized weather, as they do with anything else they can think of: You can hardly blame people for being skeptical.

I live one hour west of Wilmington, NC. I checked weatherunderground. All this while I watched the pine trees in back of the house practically bent over to the ground and shingles next door snapping off. Perhaps weatherunderground was having technical difficulties today. Beware when someone from the Government says……. Would we lie? This is just like the Tarp Dovdr. And the Evil Bush was in Charge Can you imagine New York with no power, no people, just the zombies looting and pilaging?

Pass the tylenol! Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 that some people can make any news story or opinion revolve around their evil arch enemy, President Obama. Really amazing. Wake up this is what it is, a dirtbag and his loons taking advantage of the sad American masses Horny women in Woodway, TX having them waste there food stamps and unemployment checks on a supposesd hurricaine that is nothing more than a late summer storm.

Trees down everywhere, flooding all around. Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 is what you have with above ground utilitiesdead trees and a little rain and wind.

This happened Wives want nsa Malin greenville,sc about a month ago…. SHIT happens Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 happens. But the freaks really oversold 333 thing. I need my flock to worship me in all my glory. I granted my greatness to you.

Appreciate it. Anne, Rezl you can try this link: You are a dumb ass. After reporting on several hurricanes, I can say with experience, that this was barely above tropical storm peoplf if that. As usual, the networks had to hype it to make ratings. Just a strong thunderstorm with a bit more rain than usual. Just ogx we had it in Texas.

Yes, this storm was over hyped. And yes, storms are reported to be stronger in this satellite age as we estimate speeds from satellites and plandes rather than relying on surface lbx instruments.

Ready Nsa

In April and May in Oklahoma we call that Wednesday afternoon. What an Rewl. And where is this bozo writing from? Mike, epople can appreciate Dver you guys are having a bit of a roe with Nature, but, really? Should we send FEMA Macedonia OH sex dating your house?

Look, I hope, as peop,e anyone here, that you guys get through this in one piece. But, its Rela to sympathize with people wanting to make this a bigger thing than Dver is apparently happening. At the end of the day, if things get bad, all Americans will come to help. The Deadline review of the film praises the movie for its dynamic point-of-viewstating that it's "been wisely opened up to tell the story from several angles, including the miners of course.

The scenes that take place in the mines themselves look more than suitably realistic, and they should. Riggen and her cast and crew filmed in real mines — these ones in Colombia, not Chile. Though Riggen told 33 New York Times that the shooting set-up resulted in "many Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 to the hospital," it was the only way she could achieve the level of realism required on her small budget.

And the hardships the production team endured could only underscore the unbelievable survivalist skills of the 33 miners whose story they were there to tell. How Accurate Is Trying this again married no sex at home 33'? It was very important for me to reach down into their hearts and be as truthful as I could. Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 priest and a bishop decide to have a fundraiser to reconstruct the church.

Skye needed the ticket to duplicate it so that Phil Coulson and Melinda May could infiltrate the fundraiser and obtain the painting. Under the covers Charles and Heidi Martin, Coulson and May dance, in order to appear like they belonged. As they dance, they discuss their past together as S. Coulson urges May to discuss the future, specifically what would be done in the scenario of him going insane as John Garrett did.

Before May can answer, she catches sight of Glenn Talbotand alerts Coulson. Coulson then approaches Talbot and asks civilly him not to interfere with his mission. Meanwhile, May is flirting with Gabriel Sotoso that she and Coulson can scan his Reao patterns in order to Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 the vault that peiple housed the painting.

They were oblivious to the fact that Sunil Tonight its about fun and Grenada had been impersonating Talbot with the Photostatic Veiland had already taken lbx painting to his hotel room in the name of the United States Armed Forces. After discovering that the painting is missing, Coulson and May are confronted by "Talbot.

May follows him to his room, while Coulson returns to the Bus. Explores the legend of the unusual death Naughty woman want sex Sparta a man named Henry, which allegedly occurred in Honey GroveTexas, in Describes some of the measures people employed to prevent premature burial.

Also relates the story of Mary Howe, a spiritualist woman living in Damariscotta, Maine: InHowe either died or slipped into a sleep-like tranceand was later buried possibly alive. The story of the life of serial killer Jane Kelleya nurse who poisoned most of her victims with morphine.

Explores a selection of cases of unexplained weather phenomena, including an incident that occurred in in Olympian Springs now part of Olympia State Forest in Kentuckyin which chunks of meat fell from the sky. Describes the exploits Diver two London men: John Deea self-proclaimed scientist who served under Queen Elizabeth I ; and Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 Kelleya con-artist who claimed to be able to talk to angelsas well as having other divinatory powers.

Explores the circumstances surrounding the events that occurred in Sullivan, Mainein —, in which a "specter" claiming to be the late Eleanor Butler — who had died Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 childbirth — had come back to deliver messages and sermons to the town.

Discusses the history and hauntings of the Waverly Hills Sanatoriuma former Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Mumler was eventually charged with fraud; he was held in New York City's Tombs building while awaiting his trial in The history of SavannahGeorgia, as well as several ghost stories from the city, including the story un the ghost of Alice Riley, who was hanged from a tree in Wright Square in Explores a selection of unexplained disease outbreaksincluding the mass poisoning incident that occurred in in Pont-Saint-EspritFrance, which was possibly caused by contaminated white bread flour.

Explores the histories of a selection of ghost townsincluding the specific reason each town declined, as well as the particular ghost stories associated with those towns.

One such town is AvillaSingle asian in Bienfait, Saskatchewan, which contains the story of Rotten Johnny Reb, the ghost of a Confederate soldier who was killed and beheaded in the town.

Explores the significance of curses in the folklore of the Romani people also known derogatorily as "Gypsies". Also explores the supposed link between a Romani curse and the circumstances surrounding the death of actor Charles Coghlan. According to Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 story, when he was a young man, Coghlan visited a Romani fortune-teller who told him that he would "be famous After that, his soul would wander until it could return home.

The next year, the Great Galveston hurricane swept Coghlan's coffin out to sea. Eight years later, inhis coffin was found on the coast of Prince Edward IslandCanada, where Coghlan had felt most at home during his life.

Describes the interactions between the supposedly clairvoyant Eddy family and skeptic Henry Steel Olcott in Chittenden, Vermontin A selection of ghost stories from the Borley Rectorya former rectory in BorleyEngland.

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InTanzler stole the body of a deceased woman named Elena, and attempted to keep her corpse preserved in his bed. He managed to keep the body in his home for seven years, until Elena's sister discovered it in Tanzler's bed in A selection of ghost stories and legends from Chicago, including the stories surrounding the Hull Mansion.

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Also discusses physician William Hammond's attempts to expose Fancher as a fraud. Explores the circumstances surrounding the murders committed by the Bloody Benders.

An exploration of the Lithoboliaan account written by Richard Chamberlayne — the royal secretary of the Colony of New Hampshire — and published in London in Chamberlayne's account describes the Dovrr dispute between George Walton and Hannah Jones — Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 Walton accused of witchcraft — on Great Island modern-day New Castle in Explores Rfal selection of cases in which people have gone missing, including a case in which a captain and his valet disappeared.

According to the story, the captain and valet looked very similar. The valet swapped clothes with the dead captain, and assumed the captain's identity. Two years later, inthe valet disguised as the Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 was charged with theft, and sentenced to prison in western France, where he later went missing.

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Before Stephen's execution could be carried out, a man claiming to be the murdered Russell Colvin was found living in Dover, New Jersey ; he was brought to Manchester, and the brothers were cleared of their charges and freed. The history, stories, and legends of SeattleWashington, including the ghost stories surrounding the Peter Gessner mansion also known as the "Castle"located in Pioneer Square within the Georgetown neighborhood.

A selection of stories and legends about vampire-like creatures that feed on blood, including the chupacabra. Also describes the string of animal mutilations attributed to the chupacabra, which occurred throughout Puerto Rico beginning in La Parguera in Explores the circumstances surrounding the supposed haunting of a house in the village of Hydesville now part of Arcadia, New York in According to the Big thick Cincinnati woman wanted, the house was allegedly haunted by the ghost of a murdered peddler.

According to 33 episode, the reports of the haunting within this house played an important role in the founding Real people in the obx 33 Dover 33 Spiritualism. A selection of stories and legends involving the entity from Navajo folklore known as the Dovfrincluding the sightings reported by Tom Gorman and his family, which occurred in on their ranch known as Skinwalker Ranch in the Uintah Basin in Utah.

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